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Bahlsen Products

From the moment you open a box of Bahlsen, you know these are no ordinary biscuits.

Nestled gently in their trays, each beautifully shaped variety is as inviting to look at as it is delectable to eat, from the gleaming molded chocolate of a Choco Leibniz, to the buttery-golden delicacy of Bahlsen's puff pastry selections.

Bahlsen's pursues quality for its biscuits with a passion and care that is rarely seen in today's hasty world. Every recipe has only the most carefully

selected, and highest quality, all-natural ingredients: no hydrogenated oils, zero trans fats, no added preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup. Instead, you'll find delights such as these: the flaky puff pastry you'd expect from a fine patisserie, real Swiss milk chocolate, 51% cocoa dark chocolate, fragrant vanilla, airy meringue, pure butter, premium hazelnuts and almonds. So, go ahead, take a tour – see how rich a fine line of European biscuits can be.